About Western Modular

Western Modular Homes opened for business in the fall of 1993. Brothers Dwight and Calvin Kuhn, under the advice of their father, Walter, wanted to move the modular concept forward. In those years, there were conventional houses, “trailers” in both single wide and double wide variety, and a few modular homes. Very popular in the 1970’s, modular homes were generally designed to be placed upon permanent foundations, typically concrete basements, in two sections. While they resembled “double wide” trailers, they used a full wooden floor system, and usually were placed on a full basement, where the heat and water systems were located. The exteriors were very conservative, with low pitch roofs and aluminum sliding windows. The interiors featured pre-finished trims and cabinets, and were designed to set up in a few days once delivered. You could have any wall colour you wanted, as long as it was “off white”.

Dwight and Cal were building conventional homes in Edmonton and St. Albert. They could not understand why people who wanted a home outside of these cities had to settle for bland designs and poor interiors. The structural portions of these homes, even then, exceeded the standards of conventional homes, but they were boring.

Western Modular homes introduced real oak trim, rounded drywall corners, custom kitchens, and most importantly, design and floor plan changes to the modular home industry. We increased the pitch of the roofs, to allow for higher ceilings and vaulting. We upgraded the windows to metal clad wood, with low E glass. We focussed on getting our customers plans that were truly custom, and allowed them to choose virtually everything. If they did not want that many choices, we suggested options that we felt would work for them. We were pioneers in computer assisted drafting (CAD), which now is industry standard. We continue to push the envelope, and our customers lead the way by asking us to provide them with even more. We are happy to oblige.

Our company has built well over 800 homes up to the end of 2012, and each of them are unique. While people have purchased their homes from us, we still consider each home as “our” home, and we are proud of each one. This fall, we will celebrate 20 years, and the time has flown by.

Service is another important component of a new home. Western Modular is a member of the Alberta New Home Warranty Program and we have earned service awards every single year since joining. As well, we are accredited with the Better Business Bureau, and have the highest rating available. Our warranty program gives you assurance that any issues that arise will be dealt with, whether your home is in Alberta, B.C., Saskatchewan, The Yukon, or Northwest Territories. We even have some homes in Montana.

The owners are here every day, and our entire staff and group of sub-trades take pride in their work. It would be an honour to build your family their next home.