we’re Western Modular Homes.

We build multiple-section luxury homes, one piece units (RTMs), two-story homes, and simple cabin models. All of our homes are constructed at our Edmonton Facility, where customization is integrated into our process at each step. Expect more freedom to choose than with any other builder.

Once completed, a Western Home will look and feel like any well-constructed on-site built home. The main difference? A Western Home is built stronger, with more materials, and in a faster time frame than an on-site build.

Western Modular Homes is a versatile company that aims to provide home building without limitations. We also offer additional construction services to help complete the ‘on-site’ building components of your home.

We do not manufacture what used to be called ‘trailers’ or ‘mobile homes’. Your home will not come with a steel frame, hitch or vinyl wall board.

We have a large selection of home plans available in our Sales Centre as well as our website. Any of these plans can be modified, combined, reversed or re-sized and work as a great starting off point. We can also help you develop a plan from scratch that works best for you.

Regardless of the source of inspiration, Western Modular can help you create the right home in all the ways that count. There is no additional cost for making changes or developing your own plan from scratch. If you dream it, we can build it.



26 years

in business


950 homes

built so far


1953 km

farthest delivery


Our advantage.


Your dream home deserves to be built in a climate-controlled facility. We build indoors to make sure your home can’t be compromised by unpredictable weather.


Our homes are built stronger than conventional homes as they need to be transported and craned. This isn’t something you would want to try with a site-built home.


We make energy efficient homes, inspected at each stage by an experienced team following a well managed process, delivering your home sooner.


Our managers, our draftsperson, our designer, our salesperson, our suppliers and trades are all dedicated to help you get the home you want, when you want it.


Our homes vs. site built homes.

Western Modular Homes Conventional Site Builder
Fixed pricing Yes No
Timeline 5-6 months 9-24 months
Customize Unlimited, put us to the test Depends on suppliers and quality of subtrades
Quality Built indoors to precise specifications with an experienced construction team on site every day Built in the rain, mud, wind, snow, and sun with varying levels of quality control
Delays Very few Depends on availability of local trades and weather
Experience 25 years in business with an average tenure of trades and management of 12.5 years, 70,000 sq ft workshop with refined building processes, over 900 homes built Varies from builder to builder, many only build a few homes a year, working mostly out of the back of their truck
Design In house drafting and design services, we’ll guide you through the process Pay and work independently with a third party draftsperson and designer

Our process.


This can be the most fun part of building any home. Our experienced sales and design personnel for this can lend expertise and professional guidance to help you explore different options and features. Western Modular has an in-house drafting department that will professionally create and refine blueprints until they suit your needs. All this is provided at no cost to you if you choose to purchase from Western Modular Homes.


Our sales/design team will work with you to ensure your home falls within budget. You will know the cost of your home. No Surprises.



A: Purchase Agreement. This is modeled after Alberta New Home Warranty’s standard home purchase documentation. This includes all warranty provisions for your new home.

B: Specifications Booklet. This is a document specific to Western Modular Homes. It outlines and details all of the materials that your home will be constructed and finished with.


The financial part of purchasing a home from Western Modular Homes is normally as follows:

  • A design and drafting deposit may be charged to create and modify house plans. This amount is applied towards the purchase price.

  • A 10% down payment to complete your purchase
    after signing.

  • An additional 15% down payment at frame tour.

  • Final balance is due at time of delivery. We will work with your lending institution and lawyer to ensure efficient delivery.

  • We have a dedicated mortgage broker through ATB that is ready to help you with financing for your new home.



As soon as you approve the blueprints, we order materials and start construction. We will estimate completion time at the time of the contract. As a valued Western Modular homeowner, you will be welcome to come and see the progress of your home during construction. We want you to embrace the process and enjoy the experience.

While the house is being constructed at our facility,
the foundation will be prepared on site.


The general process described below is based
on a basement design.

  • The house gets delivered by truck and off-loaded onto the foundation. If on a full basement a crane is often the best method and is amazing to watch.

  • Our delivery team bolts the beams together on multi section homes, installs the structural teleposts, and ensures the house is weather tight.

  • Site work “below the floor” is then completed. This
    can include plumbing, heating, gas lines, electrical, stairs, and basement floor. Utilities are hooked up and made operational.

  • We send a site finisher to complete the home
    “above the floor”. This can include drywall work, painting, completions between modules, and installing siding/soffit/fascia/roofing.

  • We install the flooring and complete any baseboards and trims (if applicable).

  • We complete paint touch-ups and make the house ready for occupancy.


07. / MOVE IN

Time to enjoy your New Home. Move into your home with the peace of mind that comes with buying a house designed to stand the test of time. Our team will be there to provide ongoing service and advice.


Your home will come with a 2, 5, and 10-year warranty. We meet or exceed all of Alberta New Home Warranty guidelines. Visit anhwp.com to learn about the Alberta New Home Warranty program.


Heritage Specifications.

Western Modular Homes is a custom home builder that builds to a higher standard than most builders. The following specifications are a great starting point for the majority of our homeowners.

We offer endless options that cannot possibly be listed. Bring in pictures of ideas that inspire you and we will work together to make it happen. Everything can be modified to suit you, provided it still meets our stringent requirements for code and quality.


  • 3/4 inch T&G fir plywood subfloor, glued and screwed

  • 3/8 inch plywood on walls, 1/2 inch plywood on roof

  • All walls framed with studs on 16” centers, 2x6 exteriors

  • Extra layer of 3/8 inch sheathing on inside of structural walls

  • Custom cabinetry built to fit your home

  • Cambridge Architectural shingles with limited lifetime warranty

  • Triple pane, low E coating with Argon gas, maintenance free PVC windows

  • Casement style opening windows for better air/weather seal

  • Energy efficient R22 Walls, R52 ceilings

  • Painted shelving throughout (no wire)

  • Rounded drywall corners

  • Upgraded ceiling texture


  • Delivery costs within 100 km

  • Site finishing costs

  • Custom design services through our in-house drafting department

  • Unlimited, no-charge change orders


  • Comprehensive warranty coverage through Alberta New Home Warranty

  • All homes CSA certified

  • In good standing with BBB and ANHW for 26 years


  • Our standard products are good, but you may want better or different

  • Virtually unlimited options can be explored to find what is right for you

  • Specific requests for finishes will be accommodated

  • Fireplaces of all types (gas, wood, electric) can be installed, even wood stoves


Frequently asked questions.

What house plans are available?

We have many existing ideas, or you can work with us
to design your own plan. We are a 100% custom builder.

What options are available?

At Western Modular Homes you can have virtually anything you desire. These selections include cabinetry, flooring, countertops, trims, colours, accents, bath and lighting fixtures, fireplaces, and exterior finishes. We have numerous suppliers to ensure you get exactly what you want.

How much does Western Modular Homes do?

Our specialty is constructing the home at our location, transporting it to yours, and finishing it. You can choose to arrange the on-site work yourself or Western Modular Homes can do parts or all of the on-site work.

Where does Western Modular Homes deliver to?

We are based in west Edmonton, but have the ability to deliver to wherever the road may lead. Costs are calculated for each destination along with transportation permit requirements based on the specific home we are building for you. We have homes throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, NWT, and Montana.

How long does it take to get a home?

Homes can take as little as nine weeks of actual construction at our location before they are ready for delivery. If you need something sooner, we often have inventory or show homes for sale with quick delivery options.

What type of foundation is required?

A variety of foundations can be constructed to support a Western Modular home. We have designed homes to be placed on basements, crawlspaces, grade beams, and screw piles. We will help determine which is best for you.

How will my home be set on my foundation?

The type of home will determine the off-loading method. Basement, crawlspace and 2-storey models are generally off-loaded using a crane. If a home is to be set on pilings or grade beam, it is common to not require any additional equipment.

Who arranges the crane if required?

The crane will be arranged by Western Modular Homes and its trucking representatives. The crane company to be used is either specified by the homeowner or is a company that we have approved and is within service range of your site.

What is additional to the actual factory construction?

The extent of the additional work is dependent on the site and the house design. We can work with you to determine what the total cost of your project will be. Some items are not applicable to all homes.

  • Foundation and basement floor

  • Crane cost

  • Stairs

  • Electrical tie-ins

  • Appliances

  • Garage*

  • Decks and railings*

  • Eavestroughing and parging

  • Gas lines and connections

  • Heating system (furnace, ducting, etc)*

  • Plumbing systems (drains, water heater, water lines, hose bibs, etc.)*

  • Site services (water wells, septic systems, utilities, landscaping, roads, etc.)

  • Site permits and inspections

*If not already installed at factory

Western Modular Homes can be contracted for any or all of the above components if required.